We lost a young man, Michael Brown, in heartbreaking and tragic circumstances. He was 18 years old and his family will never hold Michael in their arms again.

When something like this happens, the local authorities, including the police, have a responsibility to be open and transparent about how they are investigating that death and how they are protecting the people in their communities.

There is never an excuse for violence against police, or for those who would use this tragedy as a cover for vandalism or looting. There’s also no excuse for police to use excessive force against peaceful protests or to throw protesters in jail for lawfully exercising their First Amendment rights.


- President Obama, who on Thursday called for peace on the streets of Ferguson, Missouri. (via chicagotribune)

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It’s mind boggling to me how fucked up our society is. Christy is a person. Who gives a fuck what her profession is. She was assaulted, almost killed and that asshole needs to be behind bars before he does it again to someone else. PERIOD!

It’s truly insane to see how many people are saying “She’s a porn star.  She deserved it.” UM, WHAT.

Well don’t you know that being in Porn means that you want to be sexually abused and disrespected? Don’t you guys know that any woman who uses sexuality to pay her bills probably wants to be beaten, raped, and both mentally and physically tortured? Because that’s completely logical.

Fucking people, honestly!

*shakes head*

We see it all the time that sex workers are looked down on, spit on because they are confident and secure. You can’t do something for a living that makes you happy, especially if it involves sex because people should be ashamed of sex. Because it’s not natural and pleasure is not ok.


Just because shooting porn isn’t for everyone doesn’t mean that doing it makes you a terrible person. If that’s your opinion, you should likely just not have sex ever!

The asshole throwing the punches is a terrible person and he deserves what he did to her X5. I hope to god they find him and they find him soon. When they do, I hope they fuck him up good!

All these people are also saying she deserved this fucking bullshit because she cheated on him. First of all, people don’t have a clue what happened, the only people who know are the people involved. Additionally, if she did cheat on him, how the FUCK does that make what he did ok?

Someone cheats on you, leave them and go have a good cry. Anyone who is capable of inflicting that sort of damage on another person is mentally fucked up, and that goes the same to anyone who defends that fucking piece of shit asshole.

A guy who runs his brand on the saying “I DO ALPHA MALE SHIT” … ok, automatic douchebag! And to read his past tweets, the way he talks about her like she is his property.

Seriously, I need to take a break from the internet. Everytime I read this war machine bullshit my blood just boils.

I hope Christy a speedy recovery and that she gets justice and more. Nothing will ever take what happened away though, I hope she is as strong as she seems and can get over this abuse mentally as well.

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Lauren Bacall in How to Marry a Millionaire (1953)

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Bootiful Martha Hunt!

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And now I’m sobbing. fuck, I’m literally sobbing right now. 

this shit is surreal…

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"If someone were to die at the age of 63 after a lifelong battle with MS or Sickle Cell, we’d all say they were a “fighter” or an “inspiration.” But when someone dies after a lifelong battle with severe mental illness and drug addiction, we say it was a tragedy and tell everyone “don’t be like him, please seek help.” That’s bullshit. Robin Williams sought help his entire life. He saw a psychiatrist. He quit drinking. He went to rehab. He did this for decades. That’s HOW he made it to 63. For some people, 63 is a fucking miracle. I know several people who didn’t make it past 23 and I’d do anything to have 40 more years with them."


anonymous reader on The Dish

One of the more helpful and insightful things I’ve seen about depression/suicide in the last couple of days.

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The problem with a history of depression and anxiety is that you can never know if you’re “just having one of those weeks” or if you’re sliding back down into those places you swore you’d never go again.

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